Outdoor Zoo


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Outdoor Zoo

(Includes access to the Indoor Zoo)


Available 5:30 p.m. – 8 p.m., May through September


  • Waterfowl: A stroll through the courtyard and beyond provides guests an opportunity to enjoy our scenic wetlands, featuring an abundance of beautiful birds including ducks, swans and flamingos.
  • Wildlife Trails: Tour the half-mile trail—the domain of many endangered species such as grey and red wolves, Amur tigers, white-lipped deer, red pandas, snow leopards, spectacled bears and more.
  • Domestic Animals: Visit with some of the animals that have helped humankind for hundreds of years, such as alpacas, Guinea hogs and rare heritage breeds of domestic livestock.
  • Asian Elephant Preserve: The largest of the zoo’s land mammals, our six magnificent elephants eagerly welcome visits from their human friends. As a special feature included in your rental of the outdoor zoo, your group will be treated to an exclusive VIP elephant demonstration at the Overlook.


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